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Stuka Puka

Stuka Puka - Everything Under The Sun Wooden Puzzle

Stuka Puka - Everything Under The Sun Wooden Puzzle

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All the Stuka Puka puzzles in our store are English Version.

When your child prefers to look at the stars than to fight with the sword, give her the puzzle “everything under the sun”. Mock-up of the solar system, thanks to which you can become aware of the size of individual planets relative to each other. Arrange our puzzles and see what planets orbits move around, learn their names and order.

– Dimensions: 52.5 x 30 x0.8 cm.
– 21 elements+frame and cover.
– Base thickness : 3 mm.
– Puzzles thickness: 5 mm.
– Cover thickness: 3mm.
– Secured with a colorless, odorless varnish with a certificate for children.

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