BeginAgain Puzzle Sets Review: A to Z Animal Parade Puzzle

BeginAgain A to Z Animal parade puzzle is not only a peg puzzle but also a set of animal blocks that can be played in so many ways. This rectangle box contains 26 different kinds of animals that represents 26 alphabets. It’s a great open-ended play toy.

This puzzle set is suitable for baby starting as early as 12 month, let's see how baby/toddler of different age group could play with it:

For babies 12M+

It’s a great toy for baby to learn about color, animal and space, which builds their cognitive ability and observational skills, and it's an early age but they could even start learning language from the animal names.


For toddlers 2Y+

For toddlers, it's perfect time for them to discover how to play the puzzle, however, they don’t have to master playing the entire set, which would be too challenging for them. Toddlers can easily start from putting together two to three pieces on the floor, or use this set as a stacker. Another creative and open-ended way is to play the animal blocks with other toys to create a fun and interesting scene. It’s so much fun to see the little ones making stories with their imagination and building their “animal world”.

For kids 3Y+

Kids 3 years and older will surely have more advanced ways to play the puzzle, like putting all 26 animal pieces back into the box. This could come with a bit challenge at the beginning, but after they are able to figure it out themselves, they would enjoy great sense of achievement. Kids can also learn alphabet through playing this set and even the uppercase and lowercase on the both sides of the animal blocks.

Playing puzzle requires a kid to sit down from couple of minutes to as long as half an hour (maybe the most challenging ones), so it is a great way to build their patience and concentration. Besides, this animal parade puzzle set is also a great open-ended play toys that can fire their imagination.

BeginAgain toys use rubber wood and water based color stain. They are committed to helping families to move to plastic-free play. They also want to help kids unplug and engage without screen time, and create an art station where kids are free to access simple art supplies on demand.

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