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Grapat's toys are handcrafted in the heart of Catalonia, Spain, using locally sourced sustainable wood and non-toxic, water-based dyes. The natural texture and warmth of the wood bring a sense of authenticity and connection to the toys, inviting children to explore, touch, and engage with their playthings in a meaningful way.

At Grapat, they believe in the power of open-ended play and the limitless possibilities it offers. Their toys are deliberately designed to encourage children to use their imagination, creativity, and problem-solving skills. From simple wooden figures and loose parts to puzzle-like constructions, Grapat toys allow children to shape and transform their play experiences, creating their own narratives and stories.

Grapat's philosophy revolves around the concept of "the game as a tool." They believe that play is essential for a child's holistic development, helping them build cognitive, emotional, and social skills. By providing toys that stimulate open-ended play, Grapat supports children in their exploration of the world, fostering a deep sense of wonder, curiosity, and self-expression.

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