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It all started with finding the next toy for our little boy - yoyo. When yoyo was about 2 years old, he fell in love with any games that involve putting pieces together, opening locks of some kind, or mixing and matching toys that obviously wasn’t from the same box.

While as a pretty active little boy, he also likes the noise from pushing the buttons on his police cruisers (and repeated), we realized there are some toys that may not look too fancy, but really makes him sit down quietly on a puzzle to solve or talk himself through a story that only he knows the endings.

We began our search for such toys for yoyo that builds his concentration, patience and problem-solving skills, or simply fires his endless imagination. Wooden toys from some of the world’s famous brands really fell into this criteria, plus their high-quality and environmentally sound characteristics make them a perfect choice.

This journey of us leads our passion about wooden toys to our family-run business that brings high-quality eco-friendly and educational wooden toys from all over the world to happy Canadian families with playful little ones.

Our Mission

Because we believe there's no material on the planet compares to wood in the world of toys.

There's so much special about the natural feel and texture of wood, and the tactile sensation of running your hands over a well-crafted, strong wooden object. They endure rough treatment as a timeless piece.Sustainably sourced, certified wood offers an eco-friendly choice, and wooden toys calm and connect children to nature without all the flash and noise.

That's the love and passion in the veins of littleyoyo.

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We are parents ourselves and
we have a love for wooden toys!

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