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PlanToys - Sensory Tumbling - Pastel - PlanToys -
PlanToys - Sensory Tumbling - Pastel - PlanToys -


PlanToys - Sensory Tumbling - Pastel

SENSORY DEVELOPMENT: This simple three-piece tumbling set introduces infants and tiny tots to auditory visual and tactile experiences - testing their ability to identify and differentiate between different sounds movements and colors. Hands-on play encourages fine motor skill development as little ones shake grasp and toss the tumbling toys.
BABY-FRIENDLY: Made of sustainable rubberwood and stained with non-toxic water-based pastel colors the Sensory Tumbling set is free from harmful chemicals and sharp edges so babies can play safely. 

+ Age: 6m +

Product Dimensions: 6.1x6.1x5.3 cm

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