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Top Section (introduction)


Play matters! The way your child plays offers lasting benefits in all five major areas of early childhood development: physical, cognitive, social – emotional, language and sensory.


Your baby’s brain reaches 80% development by 3 years old and is nearly full grown by 5 years old! So help make these early development experiences happen for your baby.


That’s what (littleyoyo) is here for, to help you and your baby learn and grow together through play!


(Insert relevant review, study, etc.)


Next Mini-Section (tie-in)

You can get organized and stay confident when you plan your play with us (littleyoyo, your “Play Experts”)! 


The “littleyoyo Play Book” is full of ideas and DIY home activities that bring together Montessori education and the way we play.


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Thinking About Cognitive Play (next section)

It’s more than just logic and reason; math and science!

Cognitive play should offer opportunities for children to develop problem-solving, abstract thinking and learning skills.

We want to create experiences where your child is eager to discover what’s next!

(Insert picture of cognitive play or toy)


Hustle and Bustle Physical Play (next section)

Parents are not supposed to be exhausted and tired!

Physical play assists your baby with their motor skills and helps give them stress management and coordination. It lets them learn the physical characteristics of the self and the environment. 

Talk about power!

(Insert picture of physical play or toy)


Live, Laugh, Social – Emotional Play (next section)

Establish positive relationships with others!

Quality play is designed to foster interaction, encourage cooperation, promote self-confidence, and develop a sense of community. Also learn joy, empathy, resilience, persistence, and control. (can add emojis here for the emotions)

These are lessons for a lifetime, where playtime is never truly over.

(Insert picture of social – emotional play or toy)


Calling on Communicative Play (next section)

Mom…? Dad…? Getting your baby to say what’s next can be difficult (laugh+crying emoji).

Communication and language development is more than just speech. It involves perception, understanding and comprehension that enables us to talk verbally and nonverbally, as well as communicate needs and wants effectively

More chat time yay!

(Insert picture of communicative play or toy)



Second Nature with Sensory Play (next section)

This development plays a major role in all the other developments of a child.

Sensory-rich play that address sight, touch, smell, hearing, taste, vestibular, and proprioception as an integrated system gives children the chance to seek sensory relief or input.

Do toys taste that good?

(Insert picture of sensory play or toy)


End section

Littleyoyo is (we are) here to take the guess work out of brain science and developmental play. 

No more running out of ideas! We are (littleyoyo is) the better way for a great/fun playtime! 

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