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Play Ideas

Happy National S.T.E.M Day! Here's our S.T.E.M Picks!

Happy National S.T.E.M Day! Here's our S.T.E.M Picks!

S.T.E.M toys are Science, Technology, Engineering, Math toys that not just facilitates learning and education, but encourages children to think critically through hands-on skills and observation. They also learn problem solving skills, being creative and cooperation through playing S.T.E.M toys. 
by little yoyo on November 08, 2021
Outdoor Play Ideas -

Outdoor Play Ideas

If you ever wanted to see pure imagination at work, look no further than kids and summer. It’s this time when the entire world becomes an empty canvas for children to shape in their own manner and play in. We absolutely love seeing our little ones engaged in fun activities that spark their imagination and creativity. 
by little yoyo on July 01, 2021
Planning Your Activity Day -

Planning Your Activity Day

It’s been perfect weather conditions every weekend thus far and with Canada Day just around the corner, it’s a prime opportunity to set up an activity day for the children and yourself!

Maybe you’ve already forgotten how to have a fun day outside, so we’ve got you covered. Let’s get our children creating some fantastic adventures and memories, while learning and exploring in the great outdoors.

by little yoyo on June 24, 2021