Happy National S.T.E.M Day! Here's our S.T.E.M Picks!

Happy National S.T.E.M Day! Here's our S.T.E.M Picks!

S.T.E.M toys are Science, Technology, Engineering, Math toys that not just facilitates learning and education, but encourages children to think critically through hands-on skills and observation. They also learn problem solving skills, being creative and cooperation through playing S.T.E.M toys. 

S.T.E.M toys are more important in sparkling the interest of pre-schoolers than teaching them knowledge. In fact, children develop interest for S.T.E.M toys at a very early age because of their curiosity. They listen, smell, touch and taste to explore, which are all key aspects of early-childhood S.T.E.M education. 

Therefore, it’s the role of parents to give their children the right toys to play with and encourage them to explore and discover. Here at littleyoyo we have hand-picked a collection of S.T.E.M toys that are perfect for pre-schoolers and toddlers.

 1. PlanToys - Mushroom Kaleidoscope/mini camera/phone/water blocks

These little toys from PlanToys are the basic physics toys. The mushroom kaleidoscope/mini camera are one of the first toys for the one-year-old, which they can see the world in beautiful colour through the lens, and put it in motion by rotating the lens. The first phone has a magnifier that little ones can use to see the flowers and ants. Water blocks also come with colourful lens that can be played in even more creative ways.


2. Wooden Building Blocks

From open-ended construction building blocks (Gluckskafer & Goki) to 3D Arranging Game that can be played in varied ways, the unique texture of different types of wood are natural visual and feeling to the children. The smallest decision of where to place the next wood block for a child is allowing them to think independently, and it gives them a sense of achievement and confidence when they are able to place a block where they intended!


3. Connetix Magnetic Tiles

Connetix Magnetic Tiles are one of our most popular choice. They are great S.T.E.M toys for children of many ages from toddler over one year old to pre-schoolers of four and five years old. They can be great toys to play independently or with friends and family, and are great S.T.E.M toys to practise fine and gross motor skills as children build walls, towers, rockets and many more with them. Like the 92 Piece Ball Run Pack is a simple but fun toy children can build limitless run ways for the ball and explore about physics and mechanics. The Connetix tiles are also great toys to explore colour and shape because their beautiful design that lets light through, and can be build into endless shapes.


4. Moon Picnic Weather Station


The Weather Station by Moon Picnic is also a great toy that teaches science. Let’s learn about the weather! Encourage your little ones to observe and describe the weather today! Is it sunny or rainy? Windy or calm? How’s the temperature? Put up the little “sun” on the station for sunny days, and flip the thermometer and hygrometer to the correct place!


5. Colour Pie - Haba

When your little ones can count numbers easily, maybe it’s a good time to introduce them to fraction! How many pieces can a pie be divided into? How can we divide so every one gets the same size? Yes, it’s also a great toy to learn to share!


6. Hape S.T.E.M Toys

Hape’s series of S.T.E.M toys are great choice for the little scientist and engineers. The Three Experiment Toolbox, Discovery Scientific Workbench and Scientific Experiment Toolbox comes with fun experiments that children can build mechanicals. The Optical Science Lab and Magnet Science Lab comes with interesting science experiments for the little scientists!


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