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Moulin Roty

Moulin Roty - Le Botaniste - Insect Hotel

Moulin Roty - Le Botaniste - Insect Hotel

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Because your garden or your balcony is an ecosystem, it is important to keep it in balance. Avoiding the use of chemicals will help you maintain this fragile balance and encourage useful instincts to find refuge in your garden during the colder nights of winter. Install this insect hotel against a tree or on a post away from prevailing winds. It will provide shelter for solitary bees which will pollinate the flowers in your garden and given winter quarters to ladybugs who will emerge in warmer weather to devour their favourite dish - greenfly.

Small solid wood house, made up of bamboo cylinders to accommodate insects. Clinging to the shelter of the prevailing winds, this refuge invites the insects to spend the winter, to protect themselves from the cool nights, it thus helps to preserve the ecosystem. Moulin Roty offers a whole range of products to introduce toddlers to the discovery of nature. A collection around three axes to teach children to become, in turn, explorer, botanist and gardener



Dimensions: 19 x 13 x 27 cm

+ Age 7+

At one with the earth, gazing beyond the horizon, reaching for the stars... there's no need to go very far to enjoy big adventures. Little gardeners will have everything they need to start enjoying the pleasure of creating their own little leafy corner of paradise. Budding botanists will learn about the different birds that live around us. And young explorers can embark on an amazing adventure to the ends of the universe... where they'll find a big surprise!


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