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Stuka Puka

Stuka Puka - Do You Feel The Pressure? Wooden Puzzle

Stuka Puka - Do You Feel The Pressure? Wooden Puzzle

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All the Stuka Puka puzzles in our store are English Version.

Are you looking at the sky wondering what is flying over your heads? Are you interested in where the clouds are formed, where the northern lights are and how far did the Polish satellite reach? Or maybe you are wondering where the radio waves are coming from?
All these questions will be answered by puzzles in a relaxed atmosphere. They will teach you how the atmosphere is built, how far each layer reaches and what temperature prevails there, they will show you where planes fly, where space probes can reach and where meteorological balloons. They will show in which layers storm clouds form, and where we can admire silvery clouds.

- Dimensions: 24 x 24 cm
- 14 elements + frame and cover.
- Puzzle thickness: 5 mm.
- Thickness of the base and cover: 3 mm.
- Painted with a colorless, odorless lacquer with a certificate for children.

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