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Stuka Puka

Stuka Puka - OMG! What's Inside Of Me! Wooden Puzzle

Stuka Puka - OMG! What's Inside Of Me! Wooden Puzzle

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All the Stuka Puka puzzles in our store are English Version.

Are you interested in human body anatomy? Do you want to understand how digestive system works, how our heart pumps blood or you dream about counting all the vertebras? This puzzles will answer all your questions! 

Human size, 5 levels puzzles will be great help in learning human anatomy and make every biology lesson great adventure. Discover bone structure, digestive system , respiratory system and urinary tract. 

Check how big are different internal organs and bones, have a look inside a human chest and discover what we are hiding under the skin….and always remember there are so many solutions to find!

-Dimensions: 77×49 cm.
-5 levels puzzles: spine, digestive system and circulatory system, respiratory system and urinary tract, chest.
-68 elements + frame and cover.
-Base thickness : 3 mm.
-Puzzles thickness: 5 mm.
-Cover thickness: 3mm.
-Secured with a colorless, odorless varnish with a certificate for children.

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