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Stuka Puka

Stuka Puka - We Are Family Wooden Puzzle

Stuka Puka - We Are Family Wooden Puzzle

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All the Stuka Puka puzzles in our store are English Version.

Have you ever wondered how much we look like turtles, fish or birds in utero? When does an embryo become a fetus? Puzzle All our children will allow us to trace the development of 5 species of animals. Look at our similarities, see for yourself that we all come from the "same idea" of Mother Earth. Appreciate the power and universality of evolution. Dive into the biodiversity of planet Earth and see its beauty and simplicity.

- Dimensions: 28 x 30 cm.
- 4-level puzzles
- 24 elements + frame and cover.
- Puzzle thickness: 5 mm.
- Base thickness: 3 mm.
- Cover thickness: 3 mm.
- Painted with a colorless, odorless varnish with a certificate for children.

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