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Vilac - Magnetic Maze - Circus - Michelle Carlslund

Vilac - Magnetic Maze - Circus - Michelle Carlslund

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This magnetic circus maze poetically illustrated by Michelle Carlslund is intended to stimulate your child’s senses. With the magic pen, the children help the marbles travel through the maze to meet the juggling dog and his two doves, the elegant gymnast, as well as the magician lion and his faithful rabbit... But who’s this, floating down from the sky, clutching an umbrella? It's the incredible elephant acrobat! Next, go and knock on the door of the bear clowns’ caravan, and they might tell you the secret of the beautiful tightrope-walking horse! The show is over and now you have to put each coloured ball back in the right place under the big top: 1 white, 2 yellow, 3 pink and so on... the marbles are all over the place! This activity game is designed for children to help them acquire fine motor skills, and learn colours and numbers.


+  Dimensions of the maze 22.5 x 22.5 x 2 cm

+ Ages 2+.

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