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Waytoplay - Road to Recovery

Waytoplay - Road to Recovery

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The Road to Recovery is a recycled cardboard set with 8 high quality pieces. They’re an awesome canvas for doodles, drawing and paint. They are designed for indoor use whilst fully compatible with our flexible toy roads.

Imagine, create, play!

Good set for an affordable expansion as well as adding an artistic element.


    + Includes 8 pieces

    Cardboard road toy, that measures 192 cm length

    + Includes 4 curves, 3 straights and 1 very cool square parking 

    + Special striping in yellow: "roadblocks and detours"

    + Compatible with waytoplay flexible toy road

    + Inside use only, you can doodle on the back

    + Encourages imaginative play.  

    + Made in Germany

    + Age 3+

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